About Me

Hello there! I’m a Microsoft 365 consultant based in Central New Jersey with a knack for crafting custom solutions. Since 2003, I’ve immersed myself in the SharePoint/Office 365 ecosystem, evolving alongside it for nearly two decades. Currently, I am honored to be a 7x Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP.

My passion lies in building innovative applications in Azure, SPFx web parts, SharePoint customizations, and everything M365. Through this blog, I share insights, tips, and tricks gleaned from my experiences. Moreover, I actively engage with the community, speaking at User Groups, SharePoint Saturdays, and Code Camps across the East Coast.

I’m deeply involved in the Microsoft 365/SharePoint community, particularly in the New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania area, organizing and contributing to events that bring us together.

For a comprehensive look at my professional journey, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Event Organizer and Contributor

As an event organizer deeply embedded in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, I’ve had the privilege of coordinating and contributing to a plethora of influential gatherings. These events span from intimate local meetups to expansive community days, all crafted with the intent to facilitate learning, networking, and professional growth. My involvement has not only been about organizing but also fostering a space where professionals and enthusiasts can come together to share insights and innovations. Here’s a snapshot of the events I’ve proudly been a part of:

  • Upcoming in 2024:
    • M365 Community Days NJ 2024 [Coming in April ’24]
    • M365 Community Days NYC 2024 [In the works]
  • Past Highlights:
    • M365 Community Days NYC 2023
    • M365 Philly Virtual 2019, 2020
    • PowerPlatform Bootcamp 2022
    • Azure Community Bootcamp 2021
    • Office 365 Saturday NYC 2019
    • Global M365 Developer Bootcamps in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (2019)
    • Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamps in New Jersey and New York City (2017, 2018)
    • Global Azure Developer Bootcamps in New Jersey (2017-2019)
    • SharePoint Saturdays NYC (2009-2018) and NJ (2005-2006)


In 2022, recognizing the void left by the shutdown of SPSEvents.org—a cornerstone for the global Microsoft tech event community—I initiated CommunityDays.org. This platform emerged from a simple yet profound goal: to centralize Microsoft technology-focused events, making them easily accessible for the community. Before CommunityDays.org, discovering events outside of one’s immediate social network was challenging, requiring organizers to independently promote their gatherings.

During a Microsoft MVP gathering in 2022, I presented my work-in-progress and subsequently partnered with Microsoft. This collaboration aimed to build a comprehensive resource for all Microsoft technology events, covering Dynamics, Power Platform, SharePoint, MS Teams, and any M365-focused gathering. Whether you’re looking to host an event or seeking opportunities to learn and network, CommunityDays.org is your go-to platform.