In this walkthrough, we’ll guide you through the steps to create a Sessionize key, which is required by Community Days for integrating your event’s Speakers, Sessions, and Schedule.

Community Days leverages the event content you have on By using, Community will handle displaying your event content in a consistent and user-friendly manner.

Before we begin, please ensure that you have a Sessionize account and an existing event that has been approved on

Quick Start – Creating JSON Sessionize Endpoint

Click on your event from the event Dashboard

Next Click on API / Embed

On the API Dashboard you should see 1 Default endpoint. If you look at the Format column you will see ‘Styled Html’. This is used to embed into your existing website. Community Days does not support this format. We use the JSON format and in the next few steps we will walk through the process of creating a new key.  

In the API Dashboard, start by clicking on the ‘Create new endpoint’ button

Next, provide a name for the endpoint, such as ‘Community Days.’ Then, make sure to check the following options:

  • Enabled
  • JSON (coding required)

It’s recommended to include Sessions with the status ‘Accepted and Informed and Confirmed.’ This will display speakers and sessions that have been notified that their content was selected and have confirmed the notice. The default value is ‘Accepted and Informed,’ which will show speakers who have not yet confirmed the selection of their sessions.

Advanced Options

It is recommended to keep the default options here.

This option will only show information on Scheduled sessions. If you do not plan to use Sessionize to build a schedule you may want to change this.

Recommended Options

If you prefer a quick recommendation, refer to the following image and choose the corresponding options. For more advanced information check out: Community Days / Sessionize Key Deep Dive

Finishing Up

Click ‘Create endpoint’

Copy / Paste your Sessionize Key for later use in Community Days and you are all set!


This concludes the basic steps to get your Sessionize content integrated with Community Days.

In the next article, we’ll review each section individually and discuss its impact on the display in Community Days.

Next Article: Community Days / Sessionize Key Deep Dive

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