In the previous article, we discussed creating a basic JSON-formatted API endpoint in Sessionize to integrate your event content, including Speakers, Sessions, and Schedule, into your Community Days event listing.

In this article, we’ll delve into each section in more detail and examine how it affects your event listing on Community Days.

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Section Highlights:

Sessionize API Endpoint

Let’s get started – in the following sections we cover the items near the bottom of the page, more specifically the Schedule Grid, Sessions, and Speakers options.

Schedule Grid & Sessions Section

RECOMMENDATION: keep these sections in sync with each other

Parts of the API utilize the Schedule Grid, while others rely on Sessions. To ensure the most consistent experience, maintain the same options for both sections.

NOTE: Your submission fields will be specific to your event. Jump to the Submission Fields / Filter Fields section for more info.

For Hybrid / Virtual events

  • Check Live icon with Link – this will add the link of the session in Community Days for easy access
  • Video Recording Link [optional if available]

NOTE: Live links will be displayed only before the event; they won’t be shown once the event is over.


In Community Days, you can find this on the Sessions Tab.

In Community Days, you can access this on the Speakers Tab.

In Community Days, you can find this information on the Schedule Tab.

Adding Live Links

You can add Live Links to either your Sessions directly or to Rooms. Adding Live Links to Rooms will automatically apply to any Session scheduled in that Room.

Rooms Live Stream Links


The result will be the same as in the previous sections. All Sessions scheduled in that Room will receive the Live Stream Link.

Session Live Stream Links

From the Sessionize left menu, Click Session, then Click the edit button on the Session you wish to add a Live Stream Link to.

Enter the ‘Live stream link’ and optionally the ‘Video recording link’, then click ‘Save changes’.


The result will be the same as in the previous sections. That specific Session will now display a Live Stream Link.

NOTE: If you have added both a Room Live Stream link and a Session Live Stream link, the Session Live Stream link will take priority.

Submission Fields / Filter Fields

This section will show the fields that you can filter by on Community Days, Session Tab. Each event would have different options.

Example: On this call for Speakers page we ask the speakers to provide the Session Format & Track they are applying for.

On the API page we want to include Track so that attendees can filter by this option.


On Community Days, on the event page, Sessions Tab – we now have the option to filter Sessions by Track.

Service Sessions – Registration, Breaks, Lunch, etc..

Service Sessions are blocks of time allocated for Registration, long breaks, Lunch or non-speaker sessions such as Opening, Closing or Network related sessions.

RECOMMENDATION: It’s highly recommended to Include Service Sessions on your Schedule. This lets attendees know about expected breaks so that they can better plan their day and you can set expectations in regard to the event timeline.

Adding Service Sessions

In the left Sessionize Menu – Click Schedule, then Schedule Builder

Click ‘+ Add Service Session’

Enter Detailed Information on this Service Session

Add Service Session to Schedule

Click and drag the Service Session into the Schedule

Click Save Changes


On Community Days, on the event page, Sessions Tab – we now have the new Service Sessions included.

On Community Days, on the event page, Schedule Tab – we now have the new Service Sessions included.


This section will show how the Speaker options can add detail to your Speaker listing in Community Days


Community Days will read in and display the following links:

  • Twitter / X
  • LinkedIn
  • Blog
  • Company Website
  • Sessionize


On Community Days, on the event page, Sessions Tab or Speakers Tab, clicking a Speaker will show their provided links.

Show Top Speakers first

Community Days will automatically showcase Top Speakers if they are marked Top Speakers / Featured.

It is recommended to check this option to Show Top Speakers first in the mobile App.

As stated in the previous section, Community Days will always show Top Speakers as Featured Speakers

How to Enable a Top / Feature Speaker

From the Sessions left Menu, Click Speakers, then Click on the Edit button on the Speaker you wish to turn into a Top / Featured Speaker

Check ‘Is top speaker of this event?’, then Click ‘Save changes’


The selected Speaker(s) will be displayed at the top of the Speaker Tab in your event listing.


This concludes this guide on the various options in Sessionize and how they tie into Community Days. If you need more help please leave me a comment or head over to and fill out our feedback form.

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