I’m posting this quick tip on how to create a site collection based app catalog with PowerShell. I used this over and over when I’m developing and I think it will be helpful for many people to have a quick script to be able to execute.

I’m using the SharePoint Online Management Shell for this script. You simply need to replace the domain of your tenant and execute.

$domain = "YOURDOMAIN"; #{domain}.sharepoint.com
$targetSite = "your site"; #https://{domain}.sharepoint.com/sites/{targetSite}
$siteUrl =  "https://$domain.sharepoint.com/sites/$targetSite"
$adminSiteUrl = "https://$domain-admin.sharepoint.com"
Connect-SPOService -url $adminSiteUrl
$site = Get-SPOSite $siteUrl
Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site $site


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