I am humbled and honored 🙂 to be renewed as a Microsoft MVP for 2020-2021. Anyone that received this award should be humbled and honored. It’s a tremendous task to be considered for this award.

So what makes me an MVP? I have no problem in telling you that regardless of the title I live and breathe on help people around me learn the new technologies coming out in the Office 365 stack. My focus is on SharePoint development but it doesn’t stop there.

I am a huge proponent of live events and enriching communities. In the past year, I’ve traveled to numerous states to deliver talks about SharePoint and Office 365 development. I’ve demonstrated GitHub projects showing what you can and shouldn’t do working within SharePoint modern. I’ve worked with others to deliver live events on Office 365 & Azure in NJ, NYC, and PA.

I can say in the past year I’ve given those talks to as little as 5 people to groups pushing 100. I get more satisfaction speaking to 5 than 100 but that’s another discussion. The point is it really doesn’t matter on how many people attend your sessions, subscribe to your blogs/youtube, follow you on social media. I do it because that’s what I enjoy doing and if it helps one person I am satisfied that my mission is accomplished. The reality is that your experience and story doesn’t only touch one person, it effects many. We are all learning together – constantly, as am I.

I have spent at least 5 years doing what I love to prior to becoming recognized for this award and I wouldn’t change a thing. I never started out saying that I must become a Microsoft MVP. The title came much later when my actions and involvement spoke for themselves.

2020 will be a challenge. How can I run events in my community given we can’t meet? I am not a fan of online events however, I am doing my best to deliver live online content through SharePoint Saturdays and other outlets. I am working with other organizers in the community to help events plan, gather resources and execute their online events. For the next few months I am focusing on delivering more online content while we wait for the time when we can meet in person.

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