I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been re-awarded my MVP for the upcoming year. This past year had some unique challenges with the birth of my 2nd little girl. She didn’t like to sleep and required much more attention that our first child. Let’s just say my time became a precious commodity. I magically managed to execute a number of local events for my NJ and NYC community, travel around the country to a number of fantastic SPS Events [San Francisco, Boston, DC, Philly] and to top it all off, squeezed in a trip to India for SPS Ahmedabad and to visit one of the SoHo Dragon offices to work with a talented group of people.

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I look forward to the road ahead – I already have planned a number of events where I’ll be speaking . I also have a number of local events I plan to run. I’m hoping to bring back an SharePoint Saturday NJ in the form of O365 or maybe M365 Saturday? I also plan to increase some of my online contributions… I have so many useful tips and example projects that I would love to share if I can just find more of that precious time.

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