Changing the Site Logo on Modern Team Site

I found this so strange that I had to post something about it. It’s really easy to change the site logo for a Modern Communication site. The menus are very straight forward to change the logo, you can see in the video below.

However when working on a Modern Team site if you use the same menu it does not allow you to change the site logo the same way. I’ve tried this on two different tenants and have two different results. I believe both are on standard release.

Tenant 1 – missing Site Logo

Tenant 2 – has Site Logo but errors – Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes.

The error is just a lie, it will never work. I put in a ticket with Microsoft on this and they said that it won’t work that way. For a Modern Team Site you have to go to the Site Assets folder and upload the site logo there. It must be name ‘__siteIcon__.jpg’ and must be a jpg for it to work.

Upload your new file and overwrite the existing file. Wait a few seconds and hit CTRL-F5 to clear the cache and there you have it.


  1. In some cases this doesn’t work. Even manually deleting the thumbnail, uploading one to Site Assets, uploading through Site Information or manually adding the logo url in Advanced settings or any combination of those, the logo refused to display on site pages.

    Probably a bug when MS introduced new “Change the look” features and will be quietly resolved, but if you have this issue currently that’s also where the solution is. Change the look>Header>Site logo > upload new (NOT “site logo thumbnail”)

    • yes this was posted a while ago when that was an easy fix and it just never worked through the UI. I still have some issues setting the modern team site logo through scripts. I do notice that the you might update it with powershell and then when you hit the site the first time it triggers it to be recreated.

  2. Hello, nice blog, but when I upload file to the site assets as “__siteIcon__.jpg” it revert back to the original, I have tried few different way but no success, any advise, thank you

    • glad it was helpful. there is so much going on with the team site logo that bothers me. such as when you provision a site via code and change the logo, the logo will change when someone first visits the site. It’s created on that first site visit and there’s not much to do about it.

  3. In the Site Assets Folder I can see an image “__siteIcon__.png”, do you know why it must be a jpg file to change the icon?

    In my case there is a new icon created again in png format after a while and I’m unable to change the icon…

      • Yes it is still the way it was working for me, but the new icon was still a .png and it wasn’t working with .jpg files
        Thanks a lot anyway! Can’t understand why this is still an issue:-)

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