I’ve been experimenting heavily lately with SharePoint 2013 and the entire process wrapped around Branding sites. I am one of those people that rely on working on the actual SharePoint server because I do branding and development.

Design Manager


Design Manager is the process of uploading your design files to your site. As part of this process when you get to step #3 it will tell you to map a network folder to easily upload your design assets to the Master Pages gallery.

To map my folder I use the normal process of doing such. Something like this –> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308582

Doing this caused an error on my basic Windows 2008 R2 server.

Error – Windows cannot access http://<SITE>

Error Code: 0x80070043

The network name cannot be found.


How to Fix

Add the feature ‘Desktop Experience’ to your server

By going to server manager and adding this feature, upon reboot I was able to successfully map the network drive to my SharePoint 2013 master pages gallery


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